blog takeover!

So for this week’s assignment in class, we are exploring the blog of another person in our class. I had the opportunity to check out Rachal’s blog which focused on Anonymous and hactivism the whole semester. 

I thought I would link you to three of her most interesting posts and ask which ones you got the most from.

This post is an interview with a man named Glacier keeps cell towers working. She talks with him about his use of the internet and the media’s influence on community.

This post discusses Anonymous’s involvement in the Steubenville, Ohio rape and how they are speaking out for justice.

This post is about the bill called SOPA that threatened freedom on the internet and the top five battles activists are trying to fight. 


I hope you enjoyed reading and learning more about Anonymous! You can read my last post here on Anonymous to see how they play into the idea of changing the outlook on the internet.


anonymous and the internet


I could spend a whole year talking about anonymous and their role on the internet (and one of my classmates has spent a semester exploring their methods here), but for now I’d like to touch briefly on what I’ve learned about their positive influence.

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interview with actress Ashley Leggat

Some of you may recognize this lovely, beautiful lady from a television show called Life With Derek that was on Disney Channel and the Family Channel from 2004-2009.
More recently Ashley has been in Criminal Minds, Totally Amp’d, and Lifetime movie The Perfect Roommate. 
I’ve never come across someone with more talent (she can sing and dance too!) nor anyone with a sweeter heart. She is always responding to and interacting with her fans and thanking them for what they’ve done.
For me personally, Ashley has been a constant positive influence. I couldn’t ask for a better role model after watching celebrity after celebrity mess up. She has stayed true to herself,  and she is so down to earth and incredibly passionate about the projects she works on. I began following her on twitter when I first got one, back in the days when Life with Derek was in its prime and I was a huge fan. I was ecstatic when she followed me back after I drew her a portrait and sent it to her fanmail address for Christmas. (You can watch a birthday video I made for her after it happened here).
And now is the point where I promise I’ll stop gushing and get on with the interview. I was very blessed to have so many people respond to me when I asked for help on this project for my blog, and I’ll always be incredibly grateful for Ashley’s kind and beautiful heart. Her responses are super interesting, and I hope you enjoy reading this interview!

Ai Weiwei (and how he uses the internet)


In class we’ve been talking about a Chinese artist named Ai Weiwei (pictured above) who uses the internet in ways I’ve been talking about this whole semester. 

PBS did a special on Ai Weiwei that you can watch here which really highlights a lot of the ways he’s used social media for a positive impact on his community, but I’d like to touch briefly on how the video made me think in a new way.

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interview with cinematographer, Steve Marshall


So about two weeks ago I recorded an update video saying I would be interviewing a cinematographer, Steve Marshall, about the influence of the internet on him personally and his work. He was incredibly open and gracious and got back to me almost right away.

Before watching the interview, I’d like to give you some background information on the man behind the camera, so to speak. He’s been a cinematographer for over five years now and has won Best Student Cinematographer at the Kodak Awards. He’s worked on over 25 projects including music videos, commercials, short films, and feature films.

Here you can see a showreel of his work:

As I said before, he’s been so helpful and good about getting back to me, and I’m so very excited to share this interview with you all.

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