A Follower’s Review


Hello there! So this isn’t Rachel (sorry for disappointing) but it is a fellow follower from her blogging class who has been graced with the honor of commenting on the blog she has been keeping this past semester. I’ll just be making a few comments about how awesome the site is and then I’ll be on my way.

Ok, so I would like to start off by saying that when I first got on to the site, I was immediately captivated by the catchy title for your first post, “what the heck is this blog even about?”. What a great way to engage the audience and to make them curious enough to open the first post. The same energy was kept throughout the rest of the blog which made it fun for me to check it out and less of a chore!

As I continued to explore the site, I found it really easy to navigate and I really liked the way the design was kept clean and simple. Images were used when necessary and the videos helped add some spice to the weekly topic.

I also thought the blog was kept quite focused. I don’t think it strayed off of the main topic which was to redefine the way we look at and use the internet and the posts were always engaging and entertaining.

I also greatly appreciated the amount of detail and how thorough the information was on each post. Examples would be with the interviews done with the “big shots” or best friends, each interview was created differently and something new could be expected with each one. It also came across that the people and questions were asked with a purpose and that some sort of research was done. It wasn’t random, which makes the blog more respectable as a source of information and ideas.

The level of personal connection with the topic/ theme was also evident, it was something that stemmed from a personal experience and it made it more relatable to us aka the audience. I was able to connect with different posts and it stirred up my own opinions about the weekly topics which enhances the level of engagement with its audience.  And in my opinion, the more one can engage with people, the better results and participation one receives.

So I tip my hat to you Rachel for creating a very interesting, exciting, and engaging blog. You have quite a gift in navigating and capturing the positives of the internet, and I encourage you to continue advocating for the great qualities that can be overseen amidst the negative critiques.

 P.S. I put one of your posts about the 8 tips on Reddit and the link is here. Hope it gets a few ups/likes/re-posts!