blog takeover!

So for this week’s assignment in class, we are exploring the blog of another person in our class. I had the opportunity to check out Rachal’s blog which focused on Anonymous and hactivism the whole semester. 

I thought I would link you to three of her most interesting posts and ask which ones you got the most from.

This post is an interview with a man named Glacier keeps cell towers working. She talks with him about his use of the internet and the media’s influence on community.

This post discusses Anonymous’s involvement in the Steubenville, Ohio rape and how they are speaking out for justice.

This post is about the bill called SOPA that threatened freedom on the internet and the top five battles activists are trying to fight. 


I hope you enjoyed reading and learning more about Anonymous! You can read my last post here on Anonymous to see how they play into the idea of changing the outlook on the internet.


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