interview with actress Ashley Leggat

Some of you may recognize this lovely, beautiful lady from a television show called Life With Derek that was on Disney Channel and the Family Channel from 2004-2009.
More recently Ashley has been in Criminal Minds, Totally Amp’d, and Lifetime movie The Perfect Roommate. 
I’ve never come across someone with more talent (she can sing and dance too!) nor anyone with a sweeter heart. She is always responding to and interacting with her fans and thanking them for what they’ve done.
For me personally, Ashley has been a constant positive influence. I couldn’t ask for a better role model after watching celebrity after celebrity mess up. She has stayed true to herself,  and she is so down to earth and incredibly passionate about the projects she works on. I began following her on twitter when I first got one, back in the days when Life with Derek was in its prime and I was a huge fan. I was ecstatic when she followed me back after I drew her a portrait and sent it to her fanmail address for Christmas. (You can watch a birthday video I made for her after it happened here).
And now is the point where I promise I’ll stop gushing and get on with the interview. I was very blessed to have so many people respond to me when I asked for help on this project for my blog, and I’ll always be incredibly grateful for Ashley’s kind and beautiful heart. Her responses are super interesting, and I hope you enjoy reading this interview!
How do you think the internet has affected you and your career?
I actually had a producer tell me that certain networks pick from their final three choices based on their amount of twitter followers.  I was shocked, but realize that in the end, they need people to tune in and get viewers, so if you have the biggest platform to share with people, you win!
What do you think of twitter as a resource?
I love twitter as a resource. It is great to be able to connect with my fans, and get feedback on the projects that I do.  It also makes it so easy to share any upcoming info on premier dates or promotional events.
Can you tell me about your most positive interaction with a fan on the internet?
I have had a lot of positive experiences.  Every year on my birthday I literally feel like the most special person on the planet.  I get to watch fan videos that people have taken the time to come up with, or read ways that I have touched their lives and it literally makes me cry.  I had a beautiful hand drawn picture sent to me that I have hanging at my parents house.  I have also helped some people out of really tough situations with bullying, and nothing is better than having them tell me that things are getting better for them.  I truly care about these amazing people I connect with, and consider them my friends.
Have you ever googled yourself? If so, what are some of the stranger things you’ve found?
Yes, and I should never have done it haha.  Apparently I’ve been pregnant (was actually just a little chubby at the time), dated a lot of random men (most I have never met), and my personal favourite: gone to someones door trying to recruit them to be a Jehova’s Witness. HAHA (Not a Jehova’s Witness, and definitely didn’t go to anyones door.  The best is when you write them back and correct them.. It’s hilarious to see their reaction when they have been caught.
What’s your favourite piece of technology that you own?
Phone & xbox. Cannot live without either. Cannot spend an hour without my phone. It is an unhealthy addiction but I love it. I seriously would be lost without it….. This is really sad isn’t it? haha

2 thoughts on “interview with actress Ashley Leggat

  1. Oh man! I completely forgot about this show until you reminded me, I used to love it! It always amazes me when I hear about actresses and actors who haven’t been as popular recently, because I guess in my mind they just fell off the face of the earth (which isn’t always a bad thing).
    The interview with Ashley Leggat was really well done and goes to show that interviews don’t always have to be for magazines and newspapers only.

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