using the internet for constructive critisism/feedback

another way the internet can be used to your advantage

Whether you’re an artist or a writer, a budding filmmaker or just someone who likes to have fun, there is a place on the internet to show off your skill or improve upon it.

There are the obvious sites (like youtube, deviantart, and of course the infamous fanfiction), but I’d like to share some more sites that aren’t as well known but are just as accessible and great to use if you would like feedback or you are wanting to better yourself!

  1. One of the most unique websites I’ve come across is threadless, where you can submit a design for a t-shirt. Often they host contests and will pay you for your design if it gets featured. Right now they have a Hulk, Regular Show,  and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle contest going. If you submit something, your work will be critiqued and advice will be given to make your design better. It’s super helpful and resourceful, really great for people interested in graphic design.
  2. Another great website is fictionpress, fanfiction’s counterpart, where you can write whatever you want. There is almost an endless amount of categories to choose from, and I’ve found that people are very willing to share their thoughts in the comments if you ask politely. Once upon a time, (when I had time to write creatively), I submitted a few of my own works to the website, and I’m still getting reviews and favorites on them to this day.
  3. I cannot stress to you the amazing-ness of this website if you would like to have a potential career anywhere in film/theatre. Stage 32 is the perfect place to get started if you don’t know where else to go. They notify you through emails about upcoming festivals, tablereads, auditions, etc. according to what you sign up for on the website. They connect you with people you wouldn’t be able to get into contact with otherwise and give you an easy interface where you can build your resume. It’s also super personal and full of friendly people who want to be there.

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