a discussion on the “yes, and?” mentality

In the beginning of the semester in my webapps class, we talked about something that people play in theatre classes called the “yes, and?” improv game. It’s simpler for me to show you rather than tell you what it is, so here’s a short video that explains it perfectly and simply –

So you must be wondering – what on earth does this have to do with the positive view on the internet? It’s just another step in the process of creating a positive experience for yourself. Once you open yourself up to new opportunities, you’ll be seeing a new side of the internet that you haven’t before. 

There are a vast majority of resources on twitter, including celebrities, writers, producers, etc. If you reach out to them, there are a handful that will respond. Besides my Jimmy Wales experience the other day, I’ve had a great time interacting with others on twitter.

After Michael Seater, an actor best known for playing Life with Derek asked his followers on twitter to help in keeping his new show, 18 to Life, on the air, there was a flurry of people rushing to do things – making petitions, writing to the channel it was broadcasted on, and creating videos to try and promote the show.

I made one myself which you can watch here –

Unfortunately, by the time this all got underfoot, the show wasn’t renewed for another season. But that’s not my point. There have been plenty of other instances where shows have been brought back because of fan interference. (See the Save Kim Possible movement or the Veronica Mars Movie kickstarter.) My point here is that I got to interact with a bunch of really awesome people because of the internet.

Michael Seater and Stacey Farber (another actress from the show) retweeted me. One of the writers from the show, Robert Sheridan, started following me on twitter, and the 18 to Life official twitter tweeted me to let me know how much my efforts were appreciated and that everyone on the set loved my video. I now have a signed script and a DVD set of the first season of the show – 



Even though we might have failed in bringing the show back, I felt like I got so much out of making that little video. I encourage you to go out and just send a simple tweet to one of your favourite celebrities. You never know what could happen!


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