8 tips on how to interact with the big-shots

Have you ever wondered how people get into contact with their favorite celebrities or you just want to know how to approach them? Here are some tips on how to do so.

1. twitter has always been the go-to website for me if you want to relay a short message to others. There are tons of celebrities on twitter including actors, writers, directors, etc. Shoot them a quick tweet and you never know if they could reply. You’ll increase your chances if you @reply to a tweet they’ve already made or tweet to them if they’re actually online at the time.

2. Go to fansites to find their postal address for fanmail. The easiest way to find this is to google “celebrity’s name fansite.” Sometimes a personal letter makes all the difference. Ashley Leggat started following me on twitter because I drew her a picture for her birthday and sent it to her, including my twitter name on the picture.

3. Ask specific questions. Don’t be muddy or skate around an issue.

4. Support their cause. If they’re asking for help, try and do your best to help them out.

5. Be deliberate when you send them something or tweet them something. Don’t just @celebrityname and post a link. They have no idea what that link leads to. Tell them what it is. I made a stop motion video on Repo!the Genetic Opera using Barbie dolls, and tweeted about it to Alexa Vega, (an actress in the movie), telling her exactly what it was. She replied back to me after watching it –


The more detailed you are, the more celebrities will be willing to interact with you.

6. Treat them like you would a normal person. It’s nice to just be casual and joke around with someone rather than praise them continuously. I tweeted to Lauren Collins about something silly that I could relate to, and she replied back because I was just joking around with her –


7. Do NOT spam them! If you don’t hear back from them right away, that’s perfectly normal. They get lots of tweets every day, and yours could be lost among the others. Try again the next day, but drop whatever you want to say if they aren’t replying after that. The last thing you want to do is harass someone.

8. Always thank them. They don’t have to answer you. It’s not part of their job. They’re doing you a favor, and you owe it to them to be polite.


One thought on “8 tips on how to interact with the big-shots

  1. Great advice! So many people have it on their bucket lists to get in contact with famous people and your tips make it really feasible to do so. Have you ever had a bad experience trying to get in contact with someone famous? What made you want to post about his topic? And how would you support a cause they are promoting? The only things I could think of are posting the information on Facebook or a blog or donating money. ¬

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