meet my best friend!

Yes, this is all about my best friend that I met online who I mentioned several times in this post, and talk about far too often. I hope to introduce you to her so that you can get to know the lovely, beautiful woman who saved my life.


Rebecca is a 23-year-old British/Brazilian zoologist. She is currently waiting to hear back from several schools in the US where he hopes to pursue her PhD. She works at a school teaching English to Portuguese speakers, and she is fluent in both languages.

Basically, she is brilliantly talented and intelligent in ways I could never hope to be.

Rebecca and I met through our mutual interest in the television show Gossip Girlwhich I can only say I don’t regret watching for the mere reason that we became friends because of it.

I love that we are so very alike but also so different. Never once has age or miles or religion come between us. It’s so nice to have someone who loves me for exactly who I am. It’s also amazing that Rebecca has never given up on me.

I was depressed for a month and basically cut everyone off in my life back in December/early January of 2012. I realize now that was a big mistake because I know Rebecca would have helped me so much if I just would have talked to her. I’m just so grateful that she was willing to forgive me for not being there when she needed me as well. And she also opened up my eyes and made me start living again. She really helped me recover after a bad point in my life where I felt hopeless. She didn’t give up on me when everyone else did and when I had even given up on myself, and that means more to me than I can put into words.

It’s so rare to find a person that can make you both laugh and cry. We can talk about everything, and I mean everything. It’s wonderful that we can be both serious and hilarious. I swear, I never laugh harder than when I’m having a conversation with Rebecca on skype. We have the same sense of humour and the same knack for getting emotional about the little things, and that’s part of what makes us such good friends. We can practically read each other’s minds sometimes. We just bounce ideas and stories and jokes off of each other. It’s crazy and brilliant and so much fun.

I don’t know where I’d be without Rebecca – without her constant support or our insanely long conversations on skype. She means the world to me.

So now that you know about my best friend, click here to read her eloquently expressed ideas about the internet and how it has affected her life.


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