“I don’t see th…

“I don’t see the Internet as simply a place where stuff gets published or money is made. I don’t even see it as a separate place that you enter and exit in and out of the “real” world. It is a living, breathing community of people who don’t see a gap between their online lives and their offline ones. And if you connect the dots between the right people, amazing things can happen.”

Andy CarvinDistant Witness

This week and last week in our social media class, we read a book by NPR‘s senior strategist, Andy Carvin. The quote above used in his book, Distant Witness, is exactly what I wish to demonstrate in this blog as the semester continues. When reading Carvin’s work, it really struck me that he continued to look at the people behind the computer screens and truly cared for their emotions and feelings. It’s as his quote says – the internet just a device or a piece of technology, it’s a community, and if we continue to say yes to this new way of doing things, our lives can be changed for the better.


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