what the heck is this blog even about?

I guess this is my obligatory opening post where I discuss my intentions and hopes and dreams for this blog. I’ll start by telling you a story because, really, who doesn’t love stories?

Once upon a time there was a girl who moved to a foreign land and had no friends, so she turned to the world wide web for comfort. She met a bunch of cool people on forums and youtube and tumblr, and she discovered that there were so many things she could do and create on this vast interface. Not only that, but she could get feedback and compliments and encouragement from people who appreciated what she did! She was sad before and lonely, but suddenly she had an outlet where she could discuss these things and channel her emotions and feelings into something beautiful. She got to chat with celebrities and writers from one of her favorite shows on twitter. She got to make videos and write stories and put her voice out in the world. She got to fly out to Vancouver, Canada and see a whole new realm of possibilities. Her life was changed forever by the internet. SURPRISE TWIST: That girl is me.

As the semester goes by, I want to post my own personal experience with the internet and how it changed my life as well as inform others of how the internet has helped way more people than just me. Here are a few of the things I’ll be highlighting:

  • How the internet changed my life – my career
  • How the internet changed my life – my travels
  • How the internet changed my life – my depression
  • How the internet changed my life – my best friend
  • How the internet changed my life – my interests
  • The internet as a community
  • The internet as a support group
  • The internet as a place of feedback and constructive criticism
  • The internet as a creative outlet
  • The internet as an educational device
  • Why aren’t good stories being posted about the internet?
  • Guest blogger: a post by my best friend (who I met on the internet)

I want to change this negative view that society has on the internet and on friendships that are formed online. I want to explore the idea of why people are so disconnected or so opposed to the web. I hope you’ll enjoy taking this journey with me, and, who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to change your opinion a bit or at least open up your mind to some new ideas. Thanks for reading!



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